VBX – Hopper Spreaders

– 2 cubic yard capacity fort he VBX8000 (8 ft) for  short bed trucks, and 3 cubic yard capacity for the VBX9000 (9 ft)

– Available in either auger or pintle feed design to accommodate material preference

– Stainless steel motor with planetary drive worm gear box for corrosion resistance, reduced maintenance, and longer life

– Full length auger: 6″mild-steel helical auger with 9″of pitch 2 3/8″ diameter shaft for durability and reliability

–  Designed to spread dry, free-flowing materials like salt and de-icers

vbx-8000-  Variable speed control with blast feature and overload protection for ultimate spread control

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tgsspecs Tailgate Spreaders

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Two Models Available:

TSG 600

–  6 cubic foot/400 lb. hopper capacity with a 4′-30′ spread width.

–  Perfect for ½-, ¾- and 1-ton trucks.

TSG 1100

-  11 cubic foot/800 lb. hopper capacity with a 4′-30′ spread width.

tailgate-spreader-  Ideal for ¾- and 1-ton trucks. 


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