hiniker_reversibleReversible C-Plow

–  Heavy-duty performance of conventional plow plus added versatility

–  Plow loading docks, residential driveways and congested parking areas faster than ever

–  Patented C-Plow blade converts from a conventional push plow into a backdrag pull plow with the push of a button

–  Full-Trip Poly ¼” Moldboard Surface

–  10 laser-cut ribs strengthen the moldboard frame to resist twisting and bending

–  Attach or detach the plow at a moment’s notice with the exclusive Hiniker Quick-Hitch system

–  8′ or 9′ width available; 30″ blade height

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hiniker_vplowV Plow

–  Versatility of a V-Plow with the strength and operator convenience that Hiniker plows offer

–  Break, scoop and stack snow using multiple plow positions with convenient controls at hand

–  Now available with deep-curl flared wings to cast deep snow farther and higher, while providing more scoop capacity than ever

–  High-curve, high-density poly moldboard is dent- and corrosion-free, and is resistant to bending and bowing

–  12 laser-cut steel ribs add exceptional strength to resist bending and bowing

–  8.5′ or 9.5′ width available; wings flare out from 30″  to 37″ or 38″

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hiniker_scoopScoop Plow

–  Unique concave shape captures snow, providing greater capacity, less spillage and faster, more efficient plowing

–  V-Plow capacity and efficiency, yet angles left or right for conventional plowing simplicity

–  20° fixed-angle outer ends

–  Outer end is angled forward at 50° in full left or right position, reducing high-side spillage

–  ¼″ thick HMQ low-friction polyethylene moldboard never needs refinishing

–  8′ or 9′ width available and 30″ blade height

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hiniker_conventionalConventional Plow

–  7000 horizontal-truss moldboard design provides incredible strength, durability and resistance to bowing

–  10 laser-cut support ribs add exceptional vertical strength

–  Corrosion-proof poly moldboard is dent-resistant with less surface friction for easier plowing and greater efficiency

–  8′ or 9′ width available; 30″ blade height

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