Truck Bed Spreaders

– With capacities from 0.5 to 6.0 cubic yards, these proven performers feature direct drive auger transmission and independent spinner control for precise, even material distribution

– With a variety of innovative performance features, the Pro-Series hopper spreaders are designed for maximum efficiency


Models Available:

truck bed 1V-Maxx™ G2 VX-3210/VX-4210/VX-6010

– 3.2 cu yd/4.2 cu yd/6.0 cu yd

– These models offer an innovative integrated pre-wet chamber which maximizes the effectiveness of pre-wetting applications by ensuring a precise, even coating of brine

– The unique cab forward hopper achieves better payload distribution

– The 12-inch stainless steel spinner contains adjustable cups and a deflector for maximum control over spread pattern

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UntitledV-Maxx™ G2 VX-3200/VX-4200

– 3.2 cu yd/4.2 cu yd

– High performance hopper spreaders are able to spread any combination of bulk salt and sand

– Designed for use with flatbed and dump trucks, these higher capacity spreaders get the bigger jobs done

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3V-Maxx™ G2 VX-1500/VX-2200/VX-2200HO

– 1.5 cu yd/2.2 cu yd

–  Material flow is better controlled with a wider operating range that is extended at the bottom end for a lower low to maximize efficient use of materials

– The exclusive compact control only requires a single 4-pin wire to enter the cab, making it less obtrusive and providing more options when mounting

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Super Maxx™ II

– 3.2 cu yd/4.2 cu yd/6.0 cu yd

– Super Maxx™ II Series spreaders keep you out on the road for longer application intervals on the largest jobs

– Inside a stainless steel trough, brine and salt are mixed before being delivered to the spinner. This feature maximizes the effectiveness of pre-wetting applications by ensuring a precise, even coating of brine

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5V-Maxx™ SP-9300/SP-9500

– 3.2 cu yd/4.2 cu yd

– With large capacities to spread any combination of bulk salt and sand, these spreaders are perfect for large trucks and contractors who want to cut down on extra trips to the yard for reloading

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V-Maxx™ SP-8500/SP-8550

– 2.2 cu yd

– This efficiently spreads any combination of salt and sand, while the SP-8550 is specifically designed for higher material output for contractors who need to spread high volumes of sand in one pass

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V-Maxx™ SP-7550

– 1.5 cu yd

– If you’re looking to tackle big jobs with a 3/4-ton fleet, this is your spreader

– Can spread virtually any combination of materials…effectively, reliably and accurately

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– 0.5 cu yd/ 1.0 cu yd

– The V-Pro Series spreaders provide a more compact alternative to the V-Maxx™ Series, reducing the amount of weight added to your pickup

–  However, they deliver many of the unique features of our larger models, helping to reduce maintenance costs and avoid material waste

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Dump Box


V-Maxx™ SP-2200/SP-2400

– These units allow you to combine the large capacity of a dump box with the efficiency of a SnowEx®auger system, providing a cost-effective solution for year-round truck use

– The SP-2400 replaces the tailgate, while the SP-2200 mounts underneath the rear gate of dump bodies

– Dump boxes can be converted for spreading quickly, since the electric spreaders don’t require hoses, pumps or other hydraulic components

– Standard universal mounting kit allows spreaders to easily attach to dump bodies

– Attached vibrator reduces material clumping for continuous material flow

– Dual variable-speed control allows independent adjustment of spread pattern and material flow, and features auto reverse

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snow ex dump box

Tailgate Spreaders

– SnowEx® offers a wide variety of tailgate spreader options, from compact wireless utility vehicle models to large capacity sand and salt handling tailgate spreader models, and everything in between


Models Available: 


– 3.0 cu ft

– The SP-100 and SP-125 are designed to spread bagged ice melters and calcium chloride pellets up to 20 feet wide

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Wireless Utility

– 3.0 cu ft

– Designed to handle bagged rock salt, this plug-and-play unit features a vertical high-flow auger with patented spinner motor for rock solid performance

– Just install the unit in a 2-inch (51 mm) receiver hitch and connect the 7-pin harness for plug-and-play operation

– Uses a pocket-sized wireless key fob with two spinner speeds to control the spreader

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Tailgate Pro

– 5.75 cu ft/10.75 cu ft

– 12-volt electric drive/transmission that’s protected from the elements with a patented sealed drive enclosure

– Model SP-575X comes standard with a 2-inch (51 mm) receiver mount, making it ideal for use on a variety of vehicles

– Model SP-1075X offers plenty of versatility with optional receiver, pivot and 3-point mounting systems available

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bulk pro

Bulk Pro

– 5.25 cu ft/9.0 cu ft

–  These tailgate salt spreaders can handle pretty much any type of material, including bulk salt, sand and salt/sand mix

– The auger uses heavy-duty, variable-pitch flighting, which provides balanced delivery of material to the spinner

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Drop Pro

– 6.0 cu ft/14.0 cu ft

– The SD-600 and SD-1400 are the ultimate sidewalk salt spreaders

– With their unique polyethylene hopper designs and consistent material delivery systems, these units drop material exactly where you want it

– Variable material flow rate with precise adjustment capabilities

– Digital readout for easy identification of spreader settings

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Precision Pro  

– 6.0 cu ft

– If your sidewalks aren’t consistent in width, consider the SP-1675 salt spreader

– It has a highly precise spread pattern ranging from 4 to 12 feet wide

-The SP-1675 can handle practically every type of spreading material available, and it delivers a consistent flow directly to the center of the spinner

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