Straight Blade Plows

– From Heavy-Duty snow plows with angled power ribs and massive quad design, to Regular-Duty and Light Truck plows engineered with stronger lighter high-strength steel to meet your vehicle weight ratings, SnowEx® has a straight blade just right for you

Light-Duty SnowEx plow_0

Models Available:

light truckLight Truck (personal use)

– 6’8″/7’2″ width

– Light Truck snow plows provides all the features of our professional grade plows in a package designed specifically for Jeep® vehicles, SUVs and compact pick-ups

– Plows meet vehicle weight requirements without having to sacrifice performance, allowing driveways and other tight areas to be cleared in no time

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Vertical-Reinforcement-Ribs(1)(1)Regular-Duty (1/2 ton)

– 7’6″/8′

– For personal plowing or light-duty commercial snow plowing jobs using half-ton pick-ups

– Built with stronger and lighter high-strength steel, the units are ideal for tough conditions while putting less stress on your truck than heavier snow plows

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– 7’6″/8’/8’6″/9′

– For commercial contractors outfitting larger vehicles

– With a 31″-tall steel blade, these plows feature a formed base channel that delivers extra stability

– Ribs and massive quad design provide added strength to prevent the blade from twisting, even under the most punishing winter conditions

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Hinged Blade Plows

– Choose between POWER PLOW™ snow plow models with hydraulically controlled wings, and the SPEEDWING™ plows with wings that automatically adjust as the plow is angled, to carry more snow and get the job done in fewer passes


Models Available:

Speedwing-static(1)Speedwing 8600

– 8’7″

– By combining the ease of straight blade operation with the productivity of a winged snow plow, SPEEDWING clears big jobs fast to enhance your profits

– Engineered for efficiency, allowing you to shift the plow blade from scoop mode to an optimum windrowing position with the simple push of a button

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Pressure-Relief-For-Wings(2)Power Plow

– 8-10’/8’6″-11′

– Offers the versatility to expand plow width by expanding the wings outward or increase capacity by angling the wings forward, independently or together, to match any plowing condition

– A snow plow in compact mode for transport and narrow areas can quickly be expanded for extra wide plowing passes by simply pushing a button

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– SnowEx offers professional-grade V-plows for use with pickup trucks for primary plowing applications, as well as a compact UTV model for maintaining sidewalks and other tight locations

HDV_backHDV™ V-Plow

– 8’6″/9’6″

– The plows boast 16-gauge flared moldboards that are reinforced by two robust angled power ribs

– Double-acting angle cylinders, trip-edge protection, adjustable center cutting edges and responsive direct lift round out the many advantages of these feature-packed V-plows

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